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The hotel’s design concept is clearly based on the seamless connection of the interior areas with the outside environment. A sophisticated idea to bring luxury and nature together in perfect harmony, it is a mix of traditional Mykonian style and the modern bohemian.

While the pure air and warmth of this place engulf you, your spirit renews with the beauty that surrounds you. The large terraces and balconies allow guests to totally relax and be truly immersed in the beautiful scenery, as Delos Island and the breathtaking sunset will captivate the spirit.

Inside, the 17 suites of Habitat are a masterpiece of design and will inspire guests with their earthy tones, natural materials and the raw wooden details. The indoor color palette absolutely matches the one of the surrounding sceneries, respecting local architecture and maximizing the resort’s Zen feeling. All furniture is handmade and signed by famous designers from all over the world.

Simplicity, authenticity, uniqueness and traditional architecture are integral parts of our hospitality. Every single space is crafted so that you can attain the peace and inspiration you are seeking.

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